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29:59 minutes Blue Star Moms with guests, President Peggy Conklin and Treasurer Luisa Oriti, AIRED: January 30, 2011

Blue Star Moms is a national organization whose mission it is to support the troups, the veterans, and the families experiencing a son or daughter in war. Blue Star Mother's of America was founded in 1942 in Hawaii, then expanded to different areas in the United States. By 1960, it was Congressionally chartered by Congress as a Veterans Service Organziation. East Bay Blue Star Moms Chapter 101 serves Contra Costa County and Alemeda County.

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27:38 minutes PACE Clinic with guest Health Center Manager, Dina Dickerson, AIRED Janurary 23, 2011

Partners in Aids Care and Education (PACE) organization in Santa Clara County started as an early intervention program for people with HIV or aids. Now called the Ira Green PACE clinic, the program looks very different from when it first started. In 1996, the PACE Clinic took a very comprehensive approach with the effectiveness of the anti retro viral medications that offered good treatment and changed the whole profile of the disease.

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31:16 minutes 'Living Sober Sucks' with author, Mark Tuschel, AIRED: January 16, 2011

Living Sober Sucks tells the evolution of author, Mark Tuschel, transitioning from a functioning alcoholic to a functioning non-alcoholic. The advice Mark gives to alcoholics is simple:don't drink. Just as Mark illustrates in his book, not drinking is easier said than done. Transitioning into a life without alcohol that acts as a crutch to alleviate stress, to avoid confrontation, or to release inhibitions is going to 'suck'. As Mark explains, living your life sober sucks for everyone because you have to face conflict and problems head on without using alcohol as a means of escape.

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29:40 minutes Glide Memorial with guest, Reverend Cecil Williams, AIRED: Janurary 9, 2011

Glide Memorial church is a community and spiritual movement that focuses on two crucial points: unconditional love, unconditional acceptance. This special holiday edition with Reverend Williams discusses Christmas and the history of Glide. At Glide, the mission is to celebrate life and make choices that will fulfill the needs and desires of others through volunteering everyday, informing people about what we are facing, and helping the community as well as those in need. The future Glide will always be with the poor and then towards in the direction of liberating people.

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31:08 minutes with guest, business owner Camber Hill, AIRED: Janurary 2, 2011

Camber Hill of discusses three ways to remodel and inspire your life in a new way for 2011. One thing that will add to life is nutrition. Good nutrition immediately effects your mood! Adding vegetables such as green smoothies into your diet while eliminating poor eating habits will lead to great heath. In addition to nutrition, meditation is another important component. Being kind and thinking kind thoughts through meditation will add to life. The kinder you are to yourself, the kinder you will be to others. A third aspect is to exercise.

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